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What is roor canal - Root Canal in Hagerstown - Vida Dental

What is a Root Canal?

Modern endodontic/root canal treatment allows Dr. Storch to treat issues such as abscessed teeth, traumatized nerves, or deep cavities without having to remove the tooth altogether. Root canal therapy is typically one of the last options for preserving badly damaged teeth. 

Broken, severely infected, or decayed teeth may have only one chance of being repaired. Our dentist in Hagerstown and her root canal therapy is an excellent solution that helps prevent tooth loss (and the additional costs associated with tooth replacement.) 

Treat Tooth Pain at its Source

A root canal is the best treatment for toothaches caused by chronic abscesses or nerve trauma. Because the root canal involves removing the nerve tissues inside of your tooth, the procedure prevents any throbbing pain or sharp aches from returning. After your root canal is completed, your tooth shouldn’t hurt anymore. 

How does a root canal work? Our dentist in Hagerstown will remove the nerve from your tooth during endodontic treatment. There are no pain receptors left inside the tooth after the nerve is removed. The hollow chamber is then cleaned out, medicated, and completely sealed off. This measure prevents bacteria from returning to the inside of your tooth and causing more damage. 

Root Canal in Hagerstown - Vida Dental

Root Canal Alternatives

Root canal therapy can save your tooth. Without endodontic therapy, you run the risk that the infection will spread to nearby teeth or even into your face. The only alternative to a root canal is usually to have your tooth removed altogether. 

However, if you create more space in your bite by extracting a tooth, it can lead to additional problems such as bone loss or crooked teeth. Root canals are the best option for your smile in terms of aesthetics and functionality as well as cost. But if you need to have your tooth extracted, Dr. Storch can place an implant or bridge in that space to help you preserve your current tooth spacing and function. 

Root Canal Alternatives - Root Canal in Hagerstown
Do I Need a Root Canal in Hagerstown

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many people are unsure or have concerns about root canal treatment. If your tooth is sensitive to hot temperatures, experienced past trauma causing the nerve to die, or there are obvious signs of an abscess, then you will need a root canal as early as possible.

During your exam, we’ll take a small X-ray of your affected tooth to assess any damage inside or around the root structure. At that point, Dr. Storch can alert you as to whether or not a root canal is needed. The team at Vida Dental is happy to answer any questions you have.

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